Hello and welcome to markhamadventures.com! My name is Cody Markham and I’m a software engineer, backpacker, ultra-marathoner, and tree-hugger. I’m starting this website as a means to talk about my excursions and to record stories, thoughts, and information about all the activities I do in the great outdoors. Most of my trips are based around the DelMarVa region but a few times a year I do bigger trips to destinations like Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Acadia National Park! Please check back often for updates to the website as it is expanding rapidly!


Ramblings about my excursions around the world and recordings of where I’ve been, what I’ve thought, and who I’ve met.


Descriptions of trips I’ve been on; This section contains information about the adventures like location and travel tips.


Reviews, lists, retrospectives, and strategies about all the things that keep me happy and safe in the outdoors.

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