Hello everyone! My name is Cody Markham and I’m a software engineer and outdoor enthusiast currently residing in Cecil County, MD. Some of my favorite activities, and the main sources of content for this blog, are backpacking, trail running, kayaking, beach tripping, skiing, and getting “lost” in new and interesting places. I’ll be recording my stories here as a way to share and remember them for years to come and hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoyed living them!

A little about my backpacking career so far; I started backpacking in August, 2018 on a trip up to the Adirondacks in New York near Lake Placid. I took that trip on a whim spurred by my mom purchasing my first backpacking pack at a garage sale for $20. Little did I (or she) know that my appreciation for all things outdoors was about to be turned into an all out obsession for exploring and living in the wilderness for days on end.

That first backpacking trip was a definite mix of Type I and Type II fun; I was excited to be living out of a 60L bag and naively carried entirely too much equipment (~40 lbs) for three days while exploring some of the high peaks of upstate NY. I was less excited however, by the weather and trail conditions for this maiden voyage of outings… After completing 6ish very enjoyable miles the morning of our first day, the clouds decided it was time to unleash a volume of water akin to a bucket on top of a water park from noon until early the following morning. The trails became sopping mud puddles and waterfalls appeared in places where we were supposed to climb comfortably. My cotton (HUGE MISTAKE, COTTON KILLS) shorts started to chafe and my “waterproof” boots were saturated by mid afternoon when we all stubbornly admitted that we wanted nothing more than to call it a day at an Adirondack Lean-To. While we all were pretty miserable in the moment, the three of us now look back at that day fondly and remember that you cannot dry your socks effectively with a backpacking stove (thanks Jay!!!)

3 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Hi Cody, I enjoyed your blog. Keep feeding it with your adventures. Prof. Mehri


    1. Thanks Professor, will do! I appreciate the comment 🙂


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